Local Products

Silk embroidery

metaxoto foulari

Known as the Town of Silk, Soufli is historically interwoven with silk. The silk industry of Soufli prospers for over 100 years making the city well known all around the world. Until a few years ago (early 80’s), Soufli’ economy was almost exclusively based on sericulture and exported abroad significant quantities of cocoons and silk.

The silk fiber transformed into elegant silk embroidery in the hands of the native women. The designs and patterns that were inspired by folk art and tradition of the Thracian culture have remained unchanged until nowadays. Handmade silk embroidery, wefts and silk fabrics, all produced and crafted by the residents, are sold in Soufli market.

Wine -Tsipouro


In the Evros regional unit -and particular Soufli- viticulture and wine production won great glories from 1870 to the early 20th century. Then, on the occasion of the construction of the Orient Express and the instatement of French, several french varieties were planted and the first linear vineyards were introduced in Greece. All this ended with the Balkan Wars and the 1st World War.

Today, wine lovers shall find most of the vineyards in the municipal units of Soufli and Trigonou. Since 2010, the indication PGI Evros (ProtectedGeographical Indication) includes wines from the entire Evros’ region.

Tsipouro (a kind of pomace brandy, a strong distilled spirit containing 40-45% alcohol by volume produced from the residue of the wine press) together with Retsina ( a white or rose resonated wine, which has been made for at least 2000 years) are particularly popular at the Evros region. Most tsipouro distilleries are located in the surrounding area of ​​Soufli. Two are the largest wine producers and bottlers “ Bella Bros ” baseded in Soufli and “ Evritika Kellaria ” company based in Trigono.

Traditional pasta and fruits in syrup


Evros prides a long tradition in the making of pasta and sweets. Seven women’s cooperatives in the entire length of the county engaged in the production of traditional pasta and sweets. Trachanas (sweet, sour, with vegetables), gioufkades, couscous, oumats and other pastas are some of the local products. From fruits in syrup, the most famous are the ones made from sweet pumpkin, fig and from sour cherry. The women’s cooperatives also make jams and fruit liqueurs.

Charcuterie (precooked and cured meats)

kavourmasPredominantly a rural and livestock farming country the prefecture of Evros, traditionally, produced large quantities of meat which apart from the local market promoted for sale in Athens and Thessaloniki. In the decades of 40 and 50 the preservation of meat was difficult because freezers were not widespread; the residents of the county followed recipes that have been passed on to them by their ancestors. So charcuterie always held a special place at the local table. The county is famous for its sausages and kavourmas. Kavourmas is made ​​from lean meat pork, veal often combined with goat meat which is boiled and served cold. Kavourmas is either eaten cold as a meze for ouzo and wine, or cooked plain or with eggs. Its taste is authentic and unique.