Gastronomy – Local Product Labeling

Crocchio Valley’s area presents a remarkable patrimony of traditions linked in particular with the local gastronomy. The typical agricultural products of the territory create some fixed dates and proper rites all the year long:
– In Autumn the production of oil, the harvesting and the desiccation of the chestnuts, the mushrooms picking;

– In Winter, and in Christmas period in particular, the pig slaughter (with production of sausages, blood pudding, cigoli or resimugli, gelatin, frittole, ecc.) and the production of many varieties of typical cakes and pastries (pittanchiusa, crespelle, pignolate, ecc.);

– In Spring and in the Easter period the local tradition are the slaughter of lambs and preparation of Easter confectionery, the most known of which is the “cuzzupa” with eggs, to which they are linked rites of gift between boyfriend and girlfriend;

– In Summer the typical productions are jams, typical liqueurs like the “cetratella” and the liqueur of lime, the wild marjoram picking, the canned tomatoes.

The popular diet is based, all the year long, on products derived from the flour: wheat bread, fresh pasta as “ ‘mparrettati” e “covatelli”; on sheep dairy products: ricotta cheese, pecorino cheese, juncata, ecc.; besides the poor meals made up of legumes and cereals.

All this great variety of typical products gives life to a lot of festivals which vivify the rural contexts of Crocchio Valley throughout the year.