The transnational network “Mediterranean Short Stories” includes areas around the Mediterranean with a strategic advantage in geographical location, natural environment, local products, gastronomy and culture. The creation of the Network is supported by the Transnational Co-operation Project “Mediterranean Small Stories”. The Plan seeks for cooperation of Mediterranean regions which have something special to tell about their culture, and in which parallel local programs are implemented by LEADER LAG-LAGs. It was designed by four Local Action Groups (LAGs-LAG), which aspire to join and highlight Mediterranean regions overall:

1. Regional Development Company of Parnona. S.A.
2. The Municipal Cooperative Society “Evros SA”.
3. The company Gal Valle Del Crocchio, Italy
4. The Development Company ‘Troodos’.

The network aims to create a common culture for Mediterranean people and to propel even more pluralism in it. It will succeed through highlighting of areas that have significant cultural and gastronomic wealth, interesting natural and social environment and open-minded people.

The main objective of the Network is to incorporate and strengthen cultural and festival events in the area and create a network of SMS Festivals.

The network will try to record and exploit:

• significant local events, institutions and festival,
• local languages ​​and dialects of particular interest,
• the characteristics of quality local products and gastronomy.