Potenziali Partecipanti

Each region which enters the SMS Network is represented by a local entity, who becomes a member of the Network.

Requirements and criteria for candidate regions

For SMS Network a geographical area is defined as an area of Mediterranean country, which may be considered as a single entity for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Administration: city, village or municipality.
  • Tradition: has a special, specific and recognizable feature (architecture, production of a specific product or recipe, specific cultural habit, etc.)
  • Demography: inhabited by a particular population group.
  • Geography: distinct geographical unit (island, lake, mountain residential, etc.)

Each area of the Network should:

  • Extend to 1,000 sq. km and a population of 100,000 inhabitants,
  • Have at least one important cultural event or festival through which it presents the specific features of the region in a traditional or more modern way
  • Be represented by a local entity, who became a member of the Network,
  • Record an important cultural event or festival, which is directly connected with the Local entity who acts as organizer or funder.

In order to achieve the balance between the regions involved, we define the following:

  • In cases where more than one local entity in the same area wish to become a network members or a region wants to incorporate more festivals or events in the network, the proportionality will be “one entity per festival.”
  • If there is a sufficient number of players for a festival area, there is a ratio “one financial contribution per festival.”

As it was initially expressed in the proposal of transnational project the basic features for accessing the network SMS are some of the following:

  • Particular gastronomy
  • Music, dance, art
  • Strong tradition
  • Unique architecture
  • Rich natural environment
  • Significant history and mythology
  • Some rare or unique item
  • Open- minded residents

The areas of interest of the Network SMS are:

Natural resources

The natural environment is always a competitive advantage in an area for attracting visitors. This is mainly due to the particularities that an area has to offer such as natural beauty, the rare species of flora and fauna thrive, various kinds of animals, plants or herbs, the existence of a protected park or virgin woodlands, hiking trails, a river or a lake or even the combination of mountain and sea. All these help in the creation of infrastructure for supporting of relevant activities (canoeing, rafting, hiking, skiing, climbing, diving etc.)

Historical and cultural reserve

The sites of archaeological and historical interest are an integral part of identity of the area, connecting the present with the past and the future. Tradition and cultural heritage complete the cultural image of the region. The region has over possible strong elements historical and cultural heritage, adequately cared for and accessible. It is equally important that the residents, while maintaining tradition, they also try to enrich it continually, presenting the evolution of a place through cultural and cultural events. A strong cultural event or Festival is necessary for the SMS network.


The architecture of a settlement is of a particular interest to visitors, especially when it is inextricably tied to the climatic, geomorphological, social and economic conditions of the region. The neoclassical architectural character of an area consists of old buildings, houses, mansions and other architectural construction that gives a significant competitive advantage in both the potential participation in the SMS network and attracting the visitors.

Gastronomy and local products

The gastronomic wealth of the region is one of the key elements of tourism development and is a key challenge of interest for a large percentage of visitors. The great cuisine and quality products are part of a place personality, culture and individuality.

Tourist infrastructure

The type, quality and adequacy of tourist infrastructure characterize an area as professional in this domain or not, partly providing the future in the relevant sector. The respect of tourist infrastructure and the environment could be crucial in highlighting the region.

Open-minded people

It is very important for a region that apart from natural gifts or history and tradition, its inhabitants have open-mind. People who want to show off their land, customs and traditions, who wish to promote their products, seeking the development, proper and sustainable, with respect and harmony to the environment and the history of their country. People who do not see the visitor as a “victim” but as a customer and friend. Finally, individuals and professionals who perceive the Network SMS as an opportunity to carry out all of the above.
Is noted that it is not enough just to have a range or some of the above items.
If we want the overall picture to be appealing the following are necessary:

  • Cleanliness
  • Good and courteous behavior
  • Welcome and providing of information
  • Esteem and knowledge of the area.

Prerequisites and criteria for prospective members

Members of the network can be:

  • Local authorities (municipalities, regions, etc.)
  • Organizations Festival
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations with relevant subject matter and themes
  • Development organizations and companies.

Nominees must meet the following conditions:

  • Their areas have to meet the requirements of the areas of Network SMS
  • Accept and agree to the terms of the Statute of the Network
  • Have a vision and goal for the institution / festivals organized in their area, in the direction of strengthening, improving and maintaining at least for five years.
  • It is economically sound, giving the coordinator of the Network the financial statements used in the last two years.
  • Support festivals of other members in any possible way.
  • To pay a minimum cash equivalent to join the Network SMS, as it is determined.
  • To pay annual participation in the Network, as specified.