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Traditional songs of Parnona

From the ancient times, Arcadia was known as a very mountainous and inaccessible place, full of ravines and valleys surrounded by high mountains. The inhabitants were mainly shepherds of sheep and goats, a rugged and rural people who lived simple and carefree in the natural fertility of the valleys and mountains. But soon the local culture came to be connected with local traditional songs, as well as the playing of the flute, the Arcadians habit acquired during grazing. The trend is embodied on “the other native god Pan. It was he who, according to mythology discovered the namesake lumen, which consisted of seven non-equal length rods combined with wax and string.

The simple, affordable and emotional music that invented by  Pan and the Arcadian shepherds, quickly gained wide popularity across the Greek world. So the bucolic (pastoral) that poetry and music began to inspire important poets of the era, who wrote verses in which shepherds exchanged songs and sang in a beautiful, peaceful and genuine natural landscape, free from any outside dangerous interference. The landscape is referred to an earthly “Arcadia” synonymous with a place of paradise where man can find peace, simplicity, happiness and bliss.

The following list of songs includes traditional songs from the region of Parnona. Enjoy it!

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