Πάρνωνας  Α.Ε.The area of intervention of the Local Program LEADER forms schematically a curve of mountainous, hilly and lowland areas with common socioeconomic characteristics, which “embrace” the mountain of Parnona, from the west and southwest by the massif Mount Taygetos and from the east and northeast by the bay of Argolis and Myrtoo Sea.

The continuous habitation of the area from prehistoric times until today has left very important monuments of history that give continuity to the layout and the physiognomy of the region. In the intervention area, and the wider region, there is significant network of archaeological sites (Ancient coastal town of Thyreas, Ancient city of Anthini, Mansion of Herodes Atticus, the Tsakonian villages,) and remarkable number of castles (Castle Zafeiropoulou in Astros, Castle of Monemvasia). Also, the intervention area includes a significant network of monasteries (Malevis Monastery, Monastery of Elona, etc.) as well as very well known and characteristic traditional settlements.

The areas Natura 2000, with the variety of flora and fauna, including rare and protected species, represent unique places of ecological interest. The area also has a great potential in the field of production. There are extremely favorable soil and weather conditions for the development of quality production. There is a wide variety of products in the area such as chestnuts, walnuts, potatoes, olives, cheese, oil, wine, figs, cheese products, eggplant etc. The rich tradition of the region is projected in the manners, customs and local cultural events organized in all villages. Many cultural activities, including those related to the local cuisine with particular characteristics (the chestnut festival in Kastanitsa of North Kynouria, the celebration of Navy in Tyros of South Kynouria) held throughout the year and especially during the spring and summer period.