SMS3The region of Parnonas holds a special place in the field of traditional Greek architecture. The continuous habitation of the area from prehistoric times until today has left very important monuments of history, which form a continuum in development of the area and the profile of the region. Inextricably tied to climatic, geomorphic, social and economic conditions of the region, the local architecture is characterized by simple, austere, rigorous and geometrical style.

Τhe towers and castles of the area are also of great interest such as Castle Geraki which is situated on the hill opposite to the village Geraki and the tower of Tsikalioti in Leonidion. Historically Preserved and Protected traditional villages of the area are: Paralio Astros, Agios Petros, Kato Doliana, Kastanitsa, Prastos, Platanos, Agios Andreas, Leonidio, Pragmateftis, Sapounakeika, Pera Melana, Tiros, Kounoupia, Poulithra, Vlahokerasia, Kerasia and Kosmas.

Tsikaliotis Tower

Out of 1100 studies submitted by all the EEC countries ,24 were awarded and among them  was the restoration of the Tower TSIKALIOTIS. With the prize of $ 15,000 the restoration work is  at the final stage of completion. The mansion after full restoration  host exhibitions and cultural events on the ground , archeological findings  [located in other museums] and other historical documents and relics of our region

Mansions Precious and Katsikogianni      

The mansion Precious [1816] and the mansion  Katsikogianni, which dates from  1807  are  located on the north edge of the village and they  still preserve fragments of colored plaster , wood  lofts,  and wooden crossbars.

 Chatziroudi Tower

Visitors will admire the  Chatziroudi tower which dates from 1750  with walls perforated by various small windows and turrets [simple vertical slits] wich emphasis  the defensive character of the building.