eggplantUtilizing numerous local products, the culinary tradition of Parnonas offers delicious dishes in harmony with the healthy Mediterranean diet. Meanwhile , the special quality local products (olive oil, wine, cheese, livestock, fish, fruits, etc.) can turn even simple recipes in wonderful culinary experiences.

Many of the traditional ways to preserve the food are still kept alive, as for example the process of salting the pork which originates from Mani and it was spread throughout all the Laconia.
In the villages of Parnonas people desiccate wild grasses during the winter and they use them in summer to make delicious salads. The preservation of the tomato in the form of a paste is well-known from the old days throughout the prefecture. Different sorts of olives are also preserved in various ways. The production and preservation of pasta (sour and sweet frumenty and noodles) are widespread throughout all the villages.

Products of Parnonas:

  • The Olive oil from Laconia
  • The Tsakonian eggplant from Leonidio
  • The Tsakonian cheese
  • Walnuts from Arcadia
  • The noodles and trachanas in Tripoli and Astros