Local products

In the area of Parnonas many products are thrived since Parnonas is a mountain known for its rare flora and fauna. Also in the near area is the valley of Dionysus in Leonidion and cultivable land in the coastal area of North Kynourias (Dolianon, Astros, Ag. Andreas). Some of the most popular products produced in the area are the following:

melitzana.jpg1. The Tsakonian eggplant: It’s the typical product of Leonidion and it is labeled as PDO (protected designation of origin). The plant probably came from Asia in the 12th century and has since then been one of the key components of the Mediterranean diet together with olive oil, wine and cheese. The production is approximately 6,000 tons per year of 800 acres grown in the ‘Garden of Dionysus’ as they called the region. Very known for its quality and taste is the traditional sweet prepared from the aubergine of 5 cm in length

kastano.jpg2. The chestnut: is one of the best varieties in Greece and it is established as Parnonas chestnut. The total cultivated area amounts to 4,500 acres and the average annual production ranges from 250-350 tons. From 1997 onwards 22 producers joined the program for organic farming with an annual production of 100 tones for the certification of the product. The “Festival of chestnuts”, is organized in late October at Kastanitsa and includes three days of events with roasted chestnuts, cooked and boiled sweets. The group of chestnut producers of Parnonas has a legitimate certification for this product as organic and as a product of sustainable forest management.

elia.jpg3. Olive: Olive cultivation is predominant in this region and their product such as olive oil which is known for its quality worldwide. Lately as particularly dynamic appears a certified organic olive, growing at the municipal district of Kefalas (Laconia) where all the olive cultivation is organic.
In this region the Local Pact for Olive and Olive Oil, already operates as a non-profit organization of OTA and Agricultural Cooperatives in the region of Parnonas with the main object the promotion of olive oil and olive products through documented scientific opinions on nutritional value and its contribution to a healthy diet of the individuals. In Selassia, Laconia there is a “Feast of the Olive Tree”, festival with events lasting three days where we can find a lot of delicacies. The olive oil of Krokeon, Laconia and the olive oil of Petrina, Smyoni have been identified as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) while the olive oil produced around the N. Laconia has been recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).