Religious Heritage

Troodos is where the famous painted churches of Cyprus, with their superb examples of Byzantine art can be found. Ten such churches, with their remarkable, icons and frescoes, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Situated in beautiful and tranquil settings, they are bound to impress the visitor.Troodos is also host to some of the most divine monasteries, such as Machairas, Kykkos, Trooditissa, Omodos and Mesa Potamos

Kykkos Monastery and Museum

The best-known and richest monastery of Cyprus, Kykkos Monastery was founded in 1100 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It possesses one of three surviving icons ascribed to Saint Luke. It is covered in silver gilt, enclosed in a shrine of tortoiseshell and motherof-pearl, and stands in front of the icon-stand. The museum is an integral part of the monastery and houses a priceless collection of icons, consecrated vessels, manuscripts and Cypriot antiquities. The first President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III served as a novice here. At his wish, he was buried at Throni, a scenic location 3km west of the monastery. Annual religious fairs (panigiria) are held at Kykko on 15 August and 8 September

Trooditissa Monastery

Trooditissa Monastery is situated in a beautiful spot among pine trees. It was originally founded in the 13th century, but the present Church was built in 1731. The church contains a priceless silver-plated icon of the Virgin Mary brought from Asia Minor. The monastery is closed to the public