Valle del Crocchio

Foto 66 - PanoramaThe territory of Valle del Crocchio L.A.G, placed in the South of Italy, in Calabria Region, embraces an area made up of 19 municipalities which totally cover an area of 712,2 Kmq. Such Municipalities set a homogeneous territory, placed at East of Catanzaro stretching from the Catanzarese High Ionian up to the Apennine areas of Sila Piccola, bordering with the Provinces of Crotone as for the coast side, and Cosenza as for the interior side. The area possesses an enviable geographic position: very short, in fact, it is the distance (around 40 Km.) between the inland part and the coast.




Foto 1 - Fiume CrocchioStarting from Sila’s massifs, they follow one another different hilly orders extending at North-West towards the Gulf of Squillace with generally not very high altitudes. Similarly, the great number of waterways go down towards the sea with deep engravings often occupied by beds of only temporary torrents. Among the most meaningful ones they stand out the Crocchio, the Nasari, the Simeri and the Alli.