Local mentality

The attractiveness of Valle del Crocchio’s territory and the appreciation by the users derive from the synergy of the different resources available (landscape, natural, historical-cultural, artistic, gastronomic), guaranteed by the competences grown up in the touristic operators, expressed through the quality of the services offered and the natural and inborn sense of hospitality of the local populations.

Tourism is a great opportunity for the economical, social and cultural development of Crocchio Valley’s area and to set and keep in time the relationships with people who, living for a short time in our area, become “temporary citizens”, sharing and respecting the values the community recognizes itself in. This puts the local actors in the necessity of being protagonists of a tourism offer based on values able to give meaning to involving and authentic experiences, with the typicalities and the lifestyle of the Crocchio Valley’s population in the centre, as opportunity of relation, sharing and exchange, creating the conditions to “live well together”.
Tourism, among the populations of our Valley, is above all interpersonal relationship, sharing, exchange. Crocchio Valley’s citizens are solicited in providing tourists/visitors the artistic, cultural and natural the excellence elements of the territory, offering them the flavors and the products of their land and the emotions arising looking and the landscapes of our land; they commit themselves enhancing the welcome services letting a holiday or a stay in Crocchio Valley’s land represent for everybody an unforgettable experience; they create the conditions to consolidate during the time the relation residents/ temporary citizens, sharing the values characterizing the quality and the style of their own life; they operate on the basis of the principles of sustainability to preserve and make better the natural environment, the cultural heritage, the social quality, the value of the typical productions, friendliness, humanity, the sense of solidarity, considering the development, firstly, as strengthening of the relational assets.