Natural Resources

Foto 65 - Mare
The territory of Valle del Crocchio L.A.G. holds a huge naturalistic patrimony which, starting from the Ionian coast, gets to Sila’s plateau, culminating with Gariglione Mount (m. 1.765 a.s.l.) in the heart of Sila National Park. The particular configuration of the territory allows, in about 45 minutes, to pass through the sea resorts at 1.550 m. a.s.l., having thus the opportunity to admire different types of alternating vegetation (olive, chestnut, fir, beech, ecc.) which give the mountain and piedmont environment particularly characteristic shades of colours at seasons changing.

 Foto 3 - Valle del TacinaSo, from a naturalistic point view, Crocchio Valley is an extremely rich and interesting zone. In it they fall:





• Sila National Park;

Sites of Community Interest (S.I.C.);

“Antonio Garcea” Visit Centre- Villaggio Mancuso-Taverna;

• Biogenetic Natural Reserves; • Areas of naturalistic-didactic-scientific interest; 

• Nature reserves; 

• A huge and varied set of pathways;

• A varied flora and fauna, diversified and rare in some cases; 

• Rivers and lakes;

• Areas of geological interest, rich of fossils;

• Archaeological-Naturalistic Sites.